His grip tightened around her fingers. She remembered their first kiss, in the studio where he apprenticed, the way she felt as if she had lived her whole life inside a frozen shell, melting for the first time at his touch. She tried to put the nightmare out of her mind. Her other hand found his hair. Копируя и сохраняя текст книги, Вы принимаете на себя всю ответственность, согласно действующему законодательству об авторских и смежных правах. The hand that was busy tearing away the fabric of her dress.

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Call it fate if you like.

Bile rose in her throat. Cass had been reading it last night before she fell asleep.

Фиона Пол «Belladonna»

I know that you are engaged and want to do right by your family, but you and I belong together. She should have lowered the black veil attached to the frame before reviewing her love letter.

Книжный Гид создавался как бесплатный книжный проект, на котором отсутствуют платные подписки и различные рекламные баннеры. She had the dream every couple of nights.

Фиона Пол «Belladonna»

She clawed at the damp walls, and the stone chipped away beneath her fingernails, leaving long gouges in the rock. Resting her head back on her pillow, Cass willed herself to be calm. Информация Читать онлайн Похожие книги. She opened her eyes.



He was falling away in pieces. I spend every waking minute becoming a better artist, a better man. A droplet of water fell from above. They were in the wine room. Cass glanced at the portrait of the Virgin Mary above беллажонна dressing table. Для бесплатного просмотра предоставляются: Cass and the man of bone.

And Cristian was on top of her, his weight crushing her chest, an icy blade pressed against her throat. Обещаем, что наши письма будут не слишком частыми и совсем не скучными.

Фиона Пол. Белладонна: цитаты из книги | : цитаты и афоризмы

The candle on her washing table had burned down to its nub. Чтобы написать отзыв или рецензию, необходимо авторизоваться на портале. He was handsome and kind and smart, a good man, from a. Cass lay pinned to a low stone table.

But she could ask for forgiveness later. It was morning, and she was all right.

Фиона Пол «Белладонна»

Each time it was a little different, but it always ended the same way. The edges were crumbling and the ink was fading in places.


He started shouting at her, horrible black things about the women he had killed. Falco stood at her side, his square jaw backlit by the sun, his mouth curving into the lopsided smile she loved. He stroked her face with his hands, one fingertip tracing the smattering of freckles across the bridge of her nose.

Вы можете пош посильный вклад в развитие сайта КнижныйГид рассказав о нас друзьям в социальных сетях: One day I will paint whole chapels for you. Their whole relationship was based on secrets and lies.

His skin peeling back to reveal teeth and bone. Wispy clouds swirled low in the sky.